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With Wilmington as your backdrop, join us for a full weekend of special events!

Gather some friends and try something new, or just relax, unwind and get inspired. You can come for the day, the evening or the whole weekend.

About our Speaker

Stasia Savasuk is a personal style coach and CEO of Stasia's Style School. In her own words:

"Style isn't about the clothes. 
It's about YOU. 
It's about WHO YOU ARE on the inside.
It's about standing strong in your body, and never hiding.


She knows without a doubt, that changing your pants, can indeed change your life!

Watch Stasia's TEDX Talk, and we guarantee that you will want MORE STASIA!  Her Women's Weekend talk will address where she is now on her journey, and where it continues to take her. No matter your age, or where you may be in your relationship with style, this talk will inspire you!

Call some friends, spread the word, and, most importantly, get tickets

Why not plan to spend the day? We have an amazing group of women vendors coming to our Marketplace, and lots of options to make it a full day, whether you want to try something new, learn something, or just spend an afternoon hanging out with friends in a quintessentially Vermont small town.

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