About Wilmington Works

Wilmington Works was born in 2013 as a group of local citizens got together to help the continued restoration of our town following the ravages of Tropical Storm Irene.  

With that crisis behind us, the work is not done! 

We sponsor block parties, Village Strolls, and other events to enliven our town and bring the community together.

We continue to work behind the scenes to help make our town a better place to live, work and visit. 

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers. 


Ask us how you can get involved!


Wilmington is one of only 23 towns in the state that bears the  official

State of Vermont Downtown Designation. This designation helps preserve the historic quality of our town for visitors and locals alike. It stimulates investment by making state grants and tax credits available to assist business owners in restoring and maintaining their buildings, and our town in improving infrastructure.

Please contact us at any time!

Wilmington Works

PO BOX 1577

Wilmington, VT 05363


802 234.1433 office


If you are a Wilmington business owner, or would like to become one, Wilmington Works encourages you to use this site to help you learn about the benefits to being located in a Downtown Designated District. In 2013, Wilmington received an official downtown designation from the state of Vermont’s Downtown Program. The designation makes the town eligible for grant opportunities, tax credits and statewide funding to help in the lengthy recovery from Tropical Storm Irene. You may be eligible for several different tax incentives, grants and loans, all aimed at assisting you in developing our downtown area in a thoughtful and engaged manner.